New Year’s Resolution 2018

1b New Year's Day pic at Halberton

Well!  This year’s resolution is to do a drawing or a painting every day, however rough and ready, sketchy or unfinished, it might be.  Then, indeed, out of instincts unconstrained by the desire to make a masterpiece every time (once would have been enough!), new rumours of art might appear.  After all, Lily has given me a cotton rag notebook for Christmas in that great plot to make me draw more and worry less.  Drawing is of course the foundation of it all (so I read, and also so believe).

So I guess the stringing of Dreaded Words may take second place for a little while, even though my great novel has only been turned down by six agents now.  Nor am I altogether distracted by my family finding not only the novel but last year’s mere 15 page boring poem about the history of Tiverton… abstruse.  Jolly obfuscatory…

This ink and watercolour sketch is one of the first two I made on New Year’s Day 2018 while the girls walked along and around the Grand Western Canal and Halberton.

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