Knightshayes Court, Devon

5 Knightshayes Court late summmer 2017.JPGIn case the globe artichoke pictures are a bit much, this is the south prospect of Knightshayes Court itself.  It’s an Arts & Crafts National Trust house a mile or two north of Tiverton and was the home of the Heathcoat family, founded by John Heathcoat who brought his lace making business to Tiverton in about 1816 after Luddites had destroyed his machines in Loughborough.

Bamboo pen and Sennelier Chinese ink with watercolour, Arches watercolour paper rough 300gsm, 15×10 inch, Summer 2017.

An unmounted painting in bamboo pen and watercolour of Knightshayes Court from the South West by Jac May. Packing and carriage are not included in this price.

The scene is painted from that happily situated bench on a quiet terrace just below the house, viewing the house through a tangle of flowers in the borders.


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