Bracken and rising tree trunks

This is an ant’s view upwards on the margin of some tall pine trees outside the walled garden at Knightshayes Court in Devon.  January has been a good month for ideas there and my National Trust membership has paid off!  The bracken is, of course, not exactly this bright a yellow, but I love the way it actually is bright against the deep pine greens, while below it I have also exaggerated the redness of the fallen and now sodden autumn leaves.  I confess that I painted this from a photograph rather than lying in the mud on a rainy afternoon, and I thoroughly recommend the Ricoh GRii, surely the best of all compact cameras and beloved of street photographers, a very energetic and hearty breed because the fixed wide lens means we all zoom in and out by actually walking forwards and backwards!

Where shall I go in February?

Bamboo pen with Sennelier Chinese ink and watercolour, on Fabriano 100% cotton 300 gms rough watercolour paper, 9×13 inches, 27th January 2018.


An unmounted original painting of the Visitor Centre at Knightshayes Court, Devon.

The painting is made in bamboo pen, inks and watercolours on Fabriano cartridge paper, 13x 17 inches. The price does not include postage and packing.


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