Jazz painting of the Banuelo, Granada

31d Banuelo, Granada, ten min sketch 020218

This is the third and freest sketch of the terrific Moorish Banuelo (bath house) in Granada.  The lights in the ceiling are absolutely in the shape of stars and hexagons, and there are rows of glorious Moorish arches and a lovely light.  I thoroughly recommend a holiday in Andalucia.

Bamboo pen, Sennelier Chinese ink, Winsor & Newton watercolour, Fabriano acquarello artistico rough 300gms paper, 9×13 inches, Candlemas 2nd February 2018.



July in Moorish bathhouse, Malaga alcazar 290917 b+w

This was the photo I took at the time (Ricoh GRII, f2.8, 1/40, ISO400, Hi-contrast b+w) .  As you can see, I rather lost any sense of precise representation, but then that’s why one has a camera.  The first two sketches did demonstrate the power of the image, but this one is the liveliest, not least because it’s jolly nice for an artist to be able to put his girl in a yellow shimmy without her even noticing.


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