The walled garden, Knightshayes Court

Knightshayes walled garden painting Jac May 2016-2017

The walled garden, Knightshayes Court, Devon.  Chinese ink & bamboo pen with watercolour, Arches 300 gms watercolour paper rough, 15×20 inches, 2016-2017.  By Jac May.

The walled Garden at Knightshayes Court, the glorious National Trust property near Tiverton in Devon, is a terrific example of what they have also done at Villandry in the Loire Valley – vegetables, fruits and flowers all thrown in together in a profusion of colour and design.  What better than to be in such a place and then take the liberty to make the daisies a bit larger, move the cabbages a little to the right, and give the gardener a head of curly hair!

An unmounted pen and wash (ink and watercolour) painting by Jac May. Postage/carriage is not included in the price.

This has been described as a delightful narrative painting and it captures the glory of a potager, in which vegetables, fruit trees and flowers are combined. The scene was drawn with bamboo pens in Sennelier Chinese ink, and then painted with watercolours by Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith on Arches 300gms rough watercolour paper. It measures 14×19 inches. Painted by Jac May 2016-2017.



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