Gorse at Buzzards

72b Gorse for Good Friday

Gorse at Buzzards.  Ink + wash, Saunders Waterford 200lbs rough, 15×21 inch, 30th March 2018.

I was wondering what to paint on Good Friday and at Buzzards, the National Trust owned woodland at Withleigh in Devon, I found this gorse for a crown of thorns.  I also remembered the old saying “I will love you while the gorse is in flower,” signifying an undying love, because gorse is ALWAYS in flower!   Katy at the Cliffside Gallery in Port Isaac comments that the Cornish version runs: ‘Kissing’s out of fashion when the Gorse is out of blossom’.  I’ve done a lot of research and experimented with different watercolour paints.  This painting has a mixture of Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith paints, though I use others at other moments, and it’s good to have different pigments and manufactures for particular scenes.

An unmounted ink and watercolour painting `The Mezquita, Cordoba’ by Jac May. Postage/carriage is not included in the price.

The vividly coloured painting fancifully represents the seemingly endless vistas columns and arches, together with the orange trees all around. 21=30 inches.



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