Tiverton and foxgloves

91 Jac May, painting of Tiverton 2017

Tiverton & foxgloves, bamboo pen, watercolour and soft pastel, Arches 300gms watercolour paper rough, 20x14inches, 2017.

Tiverton is the ancient capital of Mid-Devon, where the earls of Devon used to live and wool merchants grew rich and founded almshouses and schools.  When the decline of the woollen industry brought the town to its knees John Heathcote, driven from Loughborough by Luddites, brought his lace-making industry to the town and we flourished again.  You can see Heathcote’s great factory chimney on the left, the church in the middle and the old castle on the right.


An unmounted ink and watercolour painting `Chevithorne’ by Jac May. Postage/carriage is not included in the price.

This painting on Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper measures 20 by 14 inches and depicts St Thomas's Church, Chevithorne across a field.



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