Badinage II: Knightshayes Court

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232b Badinage at Knightshayes Ct Jac May 031018

Badinage II:  Knightshayes Court.  Bamboo and metal pens, soft pastels by Lechertier Barbe and Inscribe, Conté crayons, Ingres paper, 12×18 inches, 3rd October 2018.

Here is the South facing entrance of Knightshayes Court, near Tiverton in Devon.  I was thinking again about an illustration for my conversational poem to  accompany Marin Marais’ expressive and even addictive piece of music `Le Badinage’.  So I keep on thinking of where two people might be located and in what attitude, as they fall into easy conversation that comes and goes.

An unmounted original pastel painting of a young couple sitting outside Knightshayes Court, Devon.

A young man and a young woman sit back to back outside the glorious South entrance of Knightshayes Court, Devon. They are engaged in intermittent easy conversation. The pastel painting is made on Ingres Paper and measures 12x18 inches. I painted it in October 2018. The price does not include postage and packing.


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